Jim Watters

I am a photographer, software developer, image manipulator, photo creator, and panorama guru, that is now pursuing an endeavor to create 360° 3D interactive panoramic movies.

I have a Diploma of Fine Craft in Photography from NBCCD in 1990. Later, I went on to study software development and received a Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology. Now I am an imaging software engineer specializing in creating and viewing interactive spherical panoramic photographs and video. Along the way I have learned many aspects of computers and am armed with copious knowledge of graphic software.

In 2006 I started creating 360° spherical panorama videos by creating custom camera rigs. I was pushing the limits of the technology at the time. It was not until 2008 that I was able to fully enjoy the finished product as an interactive panoramic video at the Munster Film Festival.
MFF2008 WPT2006

I was involved with the successful 360° panoramic video camera project, Sphericam, on Kickstarter. Sphericam

Most recently I am investigating shooting 360° panoramic video in stereoscopic 3D to be viewed on head mounted displays like the Oculus Rift.
Stereoscopic 3D Video