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Padma Spa Double
by the360

Categories: Travel, Lifestyle

At Plataran Borobudur’s Padma Spa, the view of the majestic domes of the Buddhist temple of Borobudur exudes a holistic beauty and tranquility, creating a sense of timeless calm and balance. Padma, meaning ‘sacred lotus’ in Sanskrit, embodies the properties of this iconic Indonesian blossom, radiating the elegance of the feminine, a purity of mind and a promise of eternal spiritual riches to come.

At Padma Spa, follow the petals of the lotus and allow your potential to unfold slowly, embracing first tranquility, then serenity and finally joy. We offer you the space to connect the mind and the heart, leaving you with an uplifting sense of clarity and peace.

As you step into our evocative treatment rooms you are experiencing the Java in yesteryear, where the colonial architecture combines with indigenous antiques and contemporary comforts. Decadentstone baths strewn with petals overlook the greenery outside, blending nature and healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Succumb to ancient traditions of wellness and beauty and feel the enhancing benefits of Javanese healing firsthand.