Quba Michalski

Born in Poland, in 1976, Quba Michalski is a Creative Director, Motion Artist, Filmmaker, Problem Solver and Creative Thinker with over two decades of experience in various disciplines of design.

His unique, multi-faceted approach is a result of a wide array of interests (from gaming, coding, design and film-making to automation, psychology, quantum physics and anthropology to name just a few), combined with a multi-cultural upbringing (having left Poland at the age of 16, he has spent a majority of his life in various cities across Europe, Middle East and the United States).

Quba is best known for his ability to analyze or create new projects, observe them from multiple perspectives, and develop practical solutions. With his wide area of expertise, he is able to quickly identify potential future problems and remedy them in advance through smart planning and adjustments. As a project leader, he is equally comfortable with traditional techniques, cutting-edge modern tools - or with authoring brand new solutions either practically or in code.

Quba’s visual style uses storytelling, optical illusions and tight correlation between audio and video, often employing principles of misdirection, impossible geometries and practical builds to continually surprise, delight and entertain the viewer.

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