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Categories Music, Animation

VORTEX is an experiment in the audio-visual language of immersive environments. It is an ephemeral sculpture, driven by geometric soundscapes.

Created by Aaron Bradbury -
Music by Flavio Martines -
5.1 Surround Mix by Flavio Martines at Refinaria Estudios -
3D Sound Mixed by Rene Rodigast at Fraunhofer IDMT -

For more info please visit:

Best Sonic Experience - Fulldome UK, Leicester
Spatial Sound Award - Fulldome Festival, Jena

MIFF, Macau Science Centre
VORTEX Immersion, Los Angeles
Imiloa Fulldome Festival, Hawaii
SATfest, Société des Arts Technologiques Montreal
Lower Eastside Girls Club, New York
Fulldome Festival, Jena
Maker Faire UK, Centre for Life, Newcastle
Fulldome UK, Leicester
Art & Film in the Dome, Thinktank Planetarium, Birmingham
Domefest, Louisiana