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Volvo Ocean Race Trailer

Categories Travel, Lifestyle, Sports

So you thought you’d never experience the Southern Ocean. Well, now you can. Step onboard Team SCA for a wild ride and don’t forget - hold on tight!

Check out the full length Virtual Reality version in the Samsung Gear VR by downloading the Littlstar VR Cinema application from the Samsung Gear VR Oculus Share store.

About the Volvo Ocean Race: Seven teams, 19 nationalities and an all-female crew racing against Volvo Ocean Race veterans and first-time rookies. Sailors coming from China, UK, France, the USA, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, Argentina, Brazil and Antigua. It's the most diverse fleet in years. Follow us as they embark on this great challenge! Learn more here