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The K3YS: ASMR Experience

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Hello, friends! If you’ve discovered this video through one of our three “The K3YS” companion videos on YouTube, then thank you for joining us here on Littlstar! When you’ve finished enjoying “The K3YS”, we encourage you to browse and explore all of the amazing 360° content that Littlstar has to offer!

For those of you who have found this video through Littlstar, “The K3YS” is the very first live-action 360° ASMR video featuring three ASMR YouTube content creators: ASMRrequests, HeatherFeatherASMR, and GentleWhispering. To learn more about the fascinating and growing genre of ASMR, check out ASMR’s Wiki page here:

If you’d like to see our individual companion videos, you can find them on each of our YouTube channels:

ASMRrequests (Ally):
HeatherFeatherASMR (Heather):
GentleWhispering (Maria):

This video was a collaborative effort between us (Ally, Heather, and Maria), Ben Schwartz, Ryan Staake, the Littlstar team, and many other incredibly talented individuals, without whom this project would not have been possible! Our deepest and sincerest thanks go to Tony, Matt, and Dom from the Littlstar team for helping us put this whole production together, you can find them on Twitter here: @LittleStarVR

Production credits:

The direction, post-production editing, and stitching for "The K3YS" were all completed by the awesome Ben Schwartz & Ryan Staake. They're actively creating content in the emerging 360-degree and VR video genre, and you may contact and follow them at the following Twitter & web addresses:

Ryan Staake: @pompandclout /
Ben Schwartz: @BnjmnSchwartz /

The production location was made available by the beautiful Attic Studios in Long Island City, NY. For more information on their services & facilities, visit their website here:

The CG compositing and VFX were completed by:
Josh Dekotora

We also owe our unending gratitude to the whole crew who spent an entire day building, lighting, and dressing the set. You all have our endless appreciation and respect.