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Grayson Perry - Channel 4

Categories Travel, Lifestyle, Sports

Take the viewer on an interactive tour of Turner Prize winning artist, Grayson Perry’s most ambitious project to date: an extraordinary house dedicated to the Essex ‘everywoman’.

The video, commissioned by Channel 4 Online, was shot in 360º for a fully immersive journey to complement the C4 TV show in association with Living Architecture. The broadcaster wanted to inspire C4 audiences to connect with the art through VR. A series of hotspots (provided by Swan lms) were planned for the tour so viewers could dive in to see additional details of the artwork as pdf’s, images or video.

The interactive project was hosted on Channel 4’s website and made available for mobile users to enjoy. The film was also shown at the Sheffield Documentary Festival’s first ever VR show in 2015 where Surround Vision’s founder/director, Richard Nockles, was invited to speak about the film to BBC Radio 4. “We wanted to give Grayson’s fans a visual treat, an intimate private viewing with this extraordinary artist.”