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London 360 Time-Lapse from St Paul’s Cathedral

Categories Travel, Lifestyle

By Visualise - This is an interactive time-lapse, 360 video, shot from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral looking over London for 36 hours. We worked closely with St Paul’s to erect scaffolding at the top of the Golden Gallery, allowing us to capture this totally unique perspective of the capital. Over 7000 panoramas were created to produce this 2.20 min piece of totally unique footage.\r\n\r\nThe beautiful music is Kyrie from Missa in C major ‘Missa solemnis’ K337 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, sung by the St Paul’s Cathedral Choir, with the St Paul’s Mozart Orchestra, conducted by Andrew Carwood. Buy or download the album, and view the St Paul’s Cathedral Choir catalogue on Hyperion.