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Uluwatu Surf - Suluban Beach - BALI, Indonesia

Categories Travel, Lifestyle, Sports

Suluban Beach in Bali is one the most dangerous yet breathtaking coral surf breaks in the Southern Hemisphere. Just getting out to the waves can be risky, there's no beach here. You have to navigate your way through a series of caves that could crash you into a rock wall with one slap of a big wave, some just wider than your shoulders. But that's why surfers come here - these are some big waves and for those with the skill it's well worth the risk. Enjoy the view from this oceanside Warung, perched above the colourful coral of Uluwatu, but if you're afraid of heights do not look down! Part of a larger project by INTREPID360 showcasing Bali's beautiful landscapes and culture, this extended clip is shown without any music or effects, just as it was recorded in the "Rainy Season" of 2015. Take your moment of zen and enjoy, but be sure to Subscribe to our channel for the final product and more clips like these. To see more of our work visit