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Groundhog Day Storm 2015
by j1vvy

Categories Travel, Lifestyle, Sports

6 Mobius cameras with 180° iZugar lenses. Only 3 needed in photo mode to cover the entire sphere but 6 gives some redundancy. By the end of the video only 2 of the cameras continued to work. The cameras were externally powered and all were on when I brought the rig inside in the morning. Used Locked white balance to show the change in color but auto expose to compensate the change in brightness.

Had 40 cm of snow expected. High winds caused lots of drifting.

The plastic used as a weather shield had too many defects that show up in the video. I did not have time to go out and find something good. I had to use something I had around at hand.

There is enough overlap in photo mode with 3:2 images, to take the left and right from each to stereoscopic pano. But the I last a camera only after 6 frames and the plastic weather shield caused too much flare that results in too much difference between left and right.

Too much noise to get good night time shots. Because I am shooting 30 sec between shots on a tripod I wish I could force a ISO and let the exposure time change.