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The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2016 LUMINA Collection
by Chromat

Categories Lifestyle

The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2016 LUMINA Collection is inspired by the color theory and light explorations of conceptual artist Robert Irwin combined with the biological functions of luminescence. Learn more at

Director: Winslow Turner Porter III
Producer: Josh Diamond
Editor: Winslow Turner Porter III
VR Camera Supervisor: Jason Diamond
VR Camera Technician: Ben Schwartz
Creative Technologist: Todd Bryant
Motion Graphics: Alon Chitayat
Post Production: The Molecule
Music: Bearcat and HD
Special thanks to Richard Chang, Alex Rose, Ross Asdourian

Producer: Christine Tran, Claire Fitzsimmons
Production Management: Tiffany Norman at Prodject
Casting Director: Gilleon Smith
Stylist: Edda Gudmun
Hair Lead: Jon Reyman for AVEDA
Makeup Lead: Fatima Thomas and the M·A·C PRO Team
Set Designer: Michael Potvin of Nitemind Creative
Technical Director: Rich Gershberg
3D Body Scanning: Sketchfab

Denise Bidot at MUSE, Sabina Karlsson at JAG, Lauren Wasser at Supreme, Alex Eneme, Raquel and Alisar at Red, Joli at 28 Models, Aria, Zu at Americana, Tamara, Meghan Takahashi at APM, Julia, Nika at MSA, Erin at Request, L’ka at Surface, Safara and Stephanie at St Claire, Nila at State, Ya, Elsie at Fenton, Alayah at New York Model, Monika and Isabella at Wilhelmina, Jordan at Women 360, Dakota Moore at Q, Sophie Lloyd, Isis King, Juliana Huxtable.