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The famous Sunset of Oia - Santorini- Region of South Aegean Project-360º 4K

Categories Travel, Lifestyle

The sunset of Oia is famous around the world. This is the first ever spherical video (360 degrees) that captured this exceptional "ritual" from Experience Greece team.

Everyday, visitors fill the streets of Oia and then swarm around the Goulas ruins, hang down from parapets, talk loud in their various languages, strike poses, and never stop taking pictures and videos. When the fiery disk finally sinks into the horizon, they even applaud.

Oia's sunset was captured on Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Production: Experience Greece (
Production manager: Yannis Ntrenoyannis
Post Production- Editing: Panagiotis Patsiaouras
Graphics: Noise & Grain
360 Camera operator: Theodosis Tzavaras
Music theme: Sofia Tamvakopoulou