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Fort Minor - Welcome (Official Video)

Categories Music

Produced by The Uprising Creative
Directed by Jeff Nicholas

It’s been nearly ten years since artist and producer Mike Shinoda - founder of Linkin Park - released “The Rising Tied,” the debut studio album from his solo project, Fort Minor. Inspired by his unforgettable experiences over the past decade and the artist within, Mike has just released a brand new Fort Minor song and video titled, “Welcome.” Among the world’s first 360-degree virtual reality (VR) music videos, Shinoda and his collaborators at The Uprising Creative in LA joined forces to fully leverage the power of VR. The result is a unique experience set in Venice Beach where everyone is invited.

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Welcome / yeah it's been a long minute
Let me break it down now if ya'll still with it
First time I did it, yeah I'll admit it
I kinda hit it and quit it and left ya'll hanging
Singing / kinda off key with a passion
Asking / can I give you back that action
Yeah imma blast in a hashtag fashion
And spell it out for ya like a mass closed caption
Get a closed casket / fade to black
This is my spot that I'm taking back
Get at me punk / I was made for that
Ya'll don't really even know what you're aiming at
So far back what'cha waving at
Ya'll can't see the stage that I'm playing at
And ya'll hating that
But that’s why I do it
So tell me where the muthafucking haters at
I don’t need their blessing now
I don’t need their invitation
Ain’t no way to shut me down
Or to take this path I’ve taken
And maybe I’ve been left out
But never let this be mistaken
They can keep their blessing now
Forget me now
‘Cause I was never welcome

Yeah it's been a long road
Never really know how it'd all unfold
I'm just trying hard not to sell my soul when the
Rest want guns and a mouth full of gold
I don't hate em / I still love em
That's not me / I'm not judging
Not below em / I'm not above em
But disrespect me?
Well then fuck em
This is that house I'm living in
Ya'll just passing thru visiting
I draw these lines, ya'll fill em in
I'm a grown ass man / ya'll are children
No competition I'm killing them
I'm taking bout him and him and him
let's take it out for another spin again
And I don’t give a fuck if I win again ‘cause