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Atmosphaeres Ireland VR - Virtual Relaxation Video Demo

Categories Travel, Lifestyle, Sports

Enjoy the calming sights and sounds of the green island. Soak up the Atmosphaeres of the ocean, waterfalls, lakes and the cliffs. Experience what Ireland is really like when you turn your view in any direction you want. This is a 360° video, so click and drag the image to where you want to look. To experience full relaxation we recommend the use of a Virtual Reality headset like the Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

This video is a two and a half minute demo. Get the full 30 or 15 minute Virtual Relaxation video and escape to peaceful and quiet places and enjoy nature's pure sights and sounds in 25 different scenes! Relax like never before and reduce stress & anxiety with Virtual Relaxation Atmosphaeres.

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