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Chasing Winter.

Categories Sports

Immersion.RealLife presents a short prototype clip from "Chasing Winter"

An action sports epic that chronicles some of the industries top athletes as they share with you their passion for winter. "Chasing Winter" is action documentary style story telling, shot in a fully immersive 360 degrees experience, begging the question, where has the winters of the past gone, and to what lengths will we go to preserve what is quickly melting away.

This film will be an action packed adventure with an undertone of preservation and awareness for global climate change and how this change is effecting the winter sports arena. Explore the human condition as it relates to our surroundings, our ability to bring about amazing feats and beauty, as well as the destructive force mankind can be and the scars left behind in our wake.
Immerse yourself in their stories, our world. Follow along as we go chasing winter.

Music: Luzius Stone - Fire in the Sky