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Dirrogate 2D - A VR Novel (teaser)

VIEW IN HD Fullscreen. Headphone left cup over left ear.

Hirez stereoscopic 3D 360 (2048x2048) encoded @35Mbps for VR enthusiasts available at Gumroad ($1 d/l)

Dirrogate: Memories with Maya is a 3D-360 VR novel, under production by RealVision 360 Films and presented by MasterMedia.

The VR novel is an adaptation of the hard sci-fi story "Memories with Maya". The story looks at the evolution of Long Distance Relationships and Digital Resurrection. Humans see Dirrogates (Digital Surrogates) in the real-world via "Wizers" (visors running narrow AI libraries) and interaction is through "feel streams".

The VR novel takes the story further, as Dan and Maya's LDR evolves.
Dirrogate - The VR novel... coming soon.

View the stereoscopic 3D version of the teaser on the Littlstar GearVR app.