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Lake Washington Sunset Timelapse

Categories Travel, Sports

The Immersion:RealLife team is back out field testing. To make amazing 360 degree cinematic experiences we first need to understand the process of capturing 360 degree videos. We test our cameras, our stitching pipeline and our viewer, constantly trying to come up with new ideas that push us technologically and mentally.

In this test we specifically set out to see how well or not well the GoPro Hero 3+ Black will handle the transition from bright sunlight to low sunlight in time lapse interval mode. With one camera capturing this would be easy enough, but with 7 cameras all pointing in different directions the amount of light and white balance each camera sees is different. Not only are we testing the cameras capabilities to handle light, we are also testing our post processing techniques to ensure that in the end, each camera balances out to an average exposure and white balance.