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Categories Music, Animation

More than 100000 chemical reactions happen in your brain every second. So what about the moment you saw the girl of your dreams, and she saw you? If we could capture those few seconds what would the data look like?

LoVR is a document of this moment. A story of love, told through neural activity captured over 4 seconds. As chemicals are released and areas of the brain activated, a form of poetry is revealed within the data. The heart beats, the iris dilates and time stands still as two lovers see each other for the first time.

Produced specifically as a 360 degree immersive experience, LoVR is best viewed using a Head Mounted Display such as an Oculus Rift or Gear VR.

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LoVR is presented by Immersive

Visuals: Created by Aaron Bradbury
Music: ‘Vessel’ written and performed by Jon Hopkins, published by Just Publishing. Licensed courtesy of Domino Recording Co Ltd. P 2008

Special thanks to:
Madame Jenny

Additional thanks to:
NSC Creative, Philip Day, Ian Smith, Paul Mowbray, Liam Wardle, Max Crow, Richard Birkin, Roberto Ziche and Andrew Hazelden.

Check out the production blog here: